Social Services

Springdale High School strongly believes that students must be made aware of their social obligation, without which their education will not be complete. Accordingly, several social service programmes are undertaking through out the year, with active participation of the students.

Vegetable collection: Every Friday each and every student donate veg. of their choice which is them sent to       

Bhagirathi Shilpashram, Sumural

15th August: (a) Biscuit, fruits, note books, pencils erasers etc are distributed among the inmates of Kalyani  Correctional home, patients of JNM Hospital, Kalyania Welfare Society and hospital and underprepared schools.

SHS has taken the initiative to lend financial support to wards of its support staff and patronize them.

SHS has donated a considerable amount for the renovation Annye Sullivan Blind school in Kalyani, Computer for their contributable yearly fund aid.

Recently SHS had donated about 100 bags to underprivileged children of Harijan Polly school



Springdale has always believed in the all round development of a student. Besides sound academic training we have always given special stress on extra-curricular activity.It is mandatory for each and every student to take part in all activities of his or her choice through hobby classes. Their response is spontaneous, which has enabled them to shine in various spheres. They have taken part in quiz competitions, debates, dances, musical activities, drawing, poster painting, elocutions, essay competitions, seminars, social service activities, science exhibitions at various venues. Annual Function - Each and every student is given a role to play during the annual function. Springdale will never stage a concert unless each and every pupil is given a part.

Annual Function

Annual Sports

Competitions-inter and intra-school.


Science Exhibitions.

Social Services

Laurels :

Springdale High School received the following Awards of honour from the Telegraph School Awards and TTIS.


Best Maintained School.

Best Academic performance.

1st Prize in Fusion Dance.


Award of honour for extra-curricularActivities.


1st Prize in Fusion Dance.

Award of honour for extra-curricular Activities.


Certificate of honour for Social Services.

Award of honour for Best Maintained School.

3rd Prize in Fusion Dance.


Best Academic performance.

Award for Social Services.



Annual Sports - Regular physical education classes and Annual Sports Meet, Participation is mandatory. Springdale has always believed in the all round involvement of a student. The school encourages each and every student to take part in all activities

Springdale High School Sports: The much awaited Annual Sports meet held on 31st January and the students put up a spirited show and the school unearthed many new exciting talents. In literally chilly wintry conditions, the sports show commenced with a disciplined march-past by more than a 1000 students, which was followed by an inspiring speech by the Chief Guest, Dr. Nilimesh Roy Chowdhury, Hon’ble Chair person of Kalyani Municipality and a professor of repute. The ceremonial oath was administered to all the athletes and the Relay of the Olympic Torch run by school’s leading athletes culminated with the ceremonial lighting of the Torch. Mrs. Ilina Sen (Secretary) Prof. Padmanava Dasgupta(President of the Managing Committee) and Mrs. Subhra Sinha encouraged the participation. The Mass Drill and the Musical Drill put up by the hundred of students, dressed in starch white uniforms literally captivated the capacity crowd who assembled at the school premises to witness one of the district’s most well managed sports show.

Mrs. Ilina Sen declared the Sports meet open. The programme began with the march past followed by a colorful set of programmes under the guidance of the Hobby Class instructors.

All eyes were on the 100 meters race and it was a sight to behold as the first athlete crossed the finishing line in an astonishing display of speed – ala Usain Bolt. Followed by plenty of other races. The final events were the run for the parents, teachers and the non-teaching staff.

Throughout the daylong event strength, endurance and determination was on show and a feeling of exhilaration pervaded the air at the prize distribution ceremony. The winners went gung-ho with their victory as they received their Certificates and medals from the Senior Teachers.

The curtains came down with a vote of thanks after the prize distribution exhorting the students for an even better show next year.


The students of Springdale School every year come up with absolutely awe-inspiring all day long programs to show their admiration and respect to the teachers on the eve of Teachers’ Day. This is one day in the academic calendar where the teachers relax and the students of classes IX and X pour in all their energy just to see them happy.

This year, the students made elaborate arrangements for the celebration. The ceremony kicked off with an inspiring Teachers’ Day speech paying rich compliments and thanking teachers for their sterling contribution. This was followed by a bewildering array of colorful cultural programs and other activities which made the event very special.

The teachers were presented with colorful flowers, inspiring Teachers’ Day cards to the teachers as a mark of respect and admiration. The more creative ones conveyed their greetings via E-Greeting Cards and SMS’s.


This year’s FÉTE was celebrated on the 18th January and it was party time at Springdale School – lots of goddies to gobble and stalls selling any thing from Cappuccino Coffee to Candies. A festival like spirit prevailed and finally the element of stress took the backseat, at least for the day. Entertainment came king-sized courtesy and clowns and a host of other fun activities. Games, raffles and proving their luck again and again.

This year’s Fete was very well planned and ensured plenty of opportunities to different age groups. Kids along with parents and friends enjoyed the competitions and dressing whilst the adults were more engrossed in shopping and gorging on food items.

Students and parents from all over Kalyani and beyond came to have a gala time at the various stalls; each one set up and managed to perfection by a particular class or group.


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